Synthesizer Music Gets Its Museum Due

Whether you're a Moog maven or have a different electronic fancy, this exhibit is sure to strike the right key.

A SYNTH-Y SONG? It creates a current through a party in an instant. It can help a jogger pick up a little speed or a dance group to find that extra arc of air. So simply saying that the synthesizer transformed music doesn't quite go the distance. Music went through the looking glass, and down a few rabbit holes, and maybe leaped a few mountains, too, when electricity came to play. And that "... entirely new way of building sound through electrical current" changed just about everything back in the day, and in this day, too. For the most catchy electronic music, and panache-filled film scores, and brain-sticking sound effects all can thank the dials, buttons, cords, and keys of the Moog and many other celebrated music machines to follow. Are you a synthian, through and through? Throw your favorite tapes in the car deck, then, and rock on over to the...

MUSEUM OF MAKING MUSIC... in Carlsbad for "Music from the Sound Up: The Creative Tools of Synthesis." A number of "synth stations" that are "tactile-based" give visitors a hands-on approach to learning more about the instrument, all to "inspire music-making." Dr. Jonathan Piper, the museum's Manager of Artifacts and Exhibitions, co-created the exhibit with sound artist and San Diego State professor Dr. Chris Warren. "MoMM wanted to create an experience that not only speaks to the popularity of the instrument, but also makes synthesis less mysterious," said Dr. Piper. "In order to accomplish this, we took abstract ideas and turned them into metaphorical concepts that you can hear, see, and touch, in a way that makes synthesizers both definable and more relatable."

WAY COOL, especially if you've grown up loving synth or you're an EDM aficionado. Dr. Piper continued: "This exhibit will also encourage creativity as visitors to the museum join in to make music from the sound up!" Spend an afternoon connecting with the spurts, flows, and good grooves of the synthesizer, at this Carlsbad destination of music creation, through Aug. 30, 2020. 

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