Taste of Carmel: Vivacious Village Bites

Stroll into the twilight while tasting some of the best that the foodie town has to offer.

A CLASSIC CARMEL COTTAGE? The kind that looks as though some magical illustrator plucked it straight from a storybook, then added a few more frills and details before placing it on a beach-close street? They're pretty much the visual calling cards of a visually splendid city. So much so that they're practically cute enough to eat, and if you were to bake such a storybook house into a sweet treat, your friends would shower you in praise (after, of course, digging into the house-shaped cake). But while Carmel-by-the-Sea isn't edible — don't go waving your fork near any of those picturesque walls, which are actually brick and adobe and stone — it does happen to effuse oodles of culinary prestige. How, though, to put your fork into multiple dishes, or at least put your mouth around a whole plethora of interesting bites, during one single visit? You might only ever hit two or three Carmel eateries during a single overnight or weekend. And yet, there is the tempting and tantalizing...

TASTE OF CARMEL... to consider, a full-to-brimming sweep of the peninsula burg's edible offerings. Around 30 local restaurants and food-makers will be out on Thursday, Oct. 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. (we know, the mere idea of strolling Carmel on a fall evening probably already has you sold, and to that we raise our hand in a high five). Sliders, munch-as-you-walk pies, all sorts of treats, hearty appetizers, and a host of wines (of course) are part of the night. Percy's Pies, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and The Grill on Ocean Avenue are all scheduled to be there. And know this: You'll be able to leave saying you have a bigger sense of what the village's food scene is all about. But will you leave, is the question? With all those sweet storybook structures, the buildings that look good enough to bake, bidding adieu to Carmel, and its awesome eat opportunities, is always so darned tricky. Fact.

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