The Return of Madonna Inn Pink Chocolate

The roadside charmer's famous foodstuff took the summer off, but vacation time is over.

A DESSERT OF DISTINCTION: We wouldn't really be going out on any limbs here if we were to say that when one orders a treat called the Pink Champagne Cake, well, one anticipates that the dessert will be pink, at least in part. And that's the way it has been at the Madonna Inn for decades, the San Luis Obispo hotel famous for its themed rooms, its over-the-top restaurant decor, and its Pink Champagne Cake. The themed rooms are still quirky favorites, and the Gold Rush Steak House continues to shimmer with gold and red details, but the pink in the Pink Champagne Cake took some time off in the spring of 2016.

THIS WAS NO SMALL MATTER, as fans headed to social media to ask the 101-close stay-over what in the world might be up, and when to expect the return of the distinctive dessert. While fabled confectionary Guittard, the longtime maker of the Madonna Inn's signature pink chocolate worked on "an all-natural food coloring," the property's restaurants continued to serve the gateau in question, but without its rosy hue. Which leads us breathlessly, in our sweet-flavored saga, to the close of August 2016, and...

THE RETURN OF THE PINK CHAMPAGNE CAKE: Yes, the whimsical landmark sent out the good word that that most Madonna-Inn-y of colorful cakes is back after "a long summer vacation." Those becurled flakes of Guittard-created pink chocolate goodness, the pleasing row of pink cakes in the case, the pink of dessert that matches the pink decor found throughout the hotel... all have returned. Want to celebrate with a towering slice? Find the treat at the Copper Cafe or the Gold Rush Steak House, the two eateries inside the historic Madonna Inn.

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