Thomas the Tank: Fun in Felton

The affable engine will pay a family-sweet visit to Roaring Camp Railroads.

JOURNEY THROUGH THE SCREEN: As kids, we often think of the sweet 'n fuzzy 'n kind television characters, the ones who sing songs and do cartwheels and remind us that we're special, as our friends. But, alas: We soon find out a screen separates us, and getting together on a Saturday, for a play date, is not a possibility. But some beloved characters out there, icons that have appeared in both books and on TV, are a bit magical, and, with a little work, they're able to send the distance-keeping screen away for a day while visiting with their fans. Thomas the Tank Engine definitely is beloved, and an icon, and the railway superstar has a knack for showing up at various spots to meet those kids who understandably adore his on-the-screen, on-the-page adventures. His 2017 adventure, "Thomas the Tank Engine: The Friendship Tour 2017" is toot-toot-tootin' for Felton over the final weekend of July and first weekend in August. That means you'll want to get your Thomas-loving kin to...

ROARING CAMP RAILROADS... from July 28 through 30 or Aug. 4 through 6. There shall be to-dos themed to the Thomas & Friends adventures, as well as a chance to ride with Thomas himself. Friendship is a key component to the event, an outing that will also have snapshot opportunities, as well as passport-collecting opportunities, too. The ultimate prize at the end? A friendship bracelet to remind tots of their "Day Out with Thomas." The emphasis of the tour, which is celebrating its 22nd year, is first friendships, as well as "...the development of key friendship skills in toddlers." A sweet and important thing, indeed, to plan a family-fun day around, one that includes an on-the-screen, from-the-page friend that millions of kids adore. Tickets and further details? Chugga-chugga over here for all of your Thomas-terrific information.

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