Vintage Trailer Love: Stranded in Morro Bay

Make for the Central Coast and swoon over streamlined beauties of old.

TO SAY THAT THE CENTRAL COAST... has any sort of monopoly on the love of vintage trailers would probably inspire some heated debate, especially among the Airstream aficionados or Serro Scotty buffs who happen to live elsewhere. We don't want to stir this particular pot, especially since pots traveling by camper should stay clean and ready for a stew or baked beans, but we will say that towns of the Central Coast, and definitely snug with Highway 1, do see a lot of vintage trailer va-voom. Gatherings and celebrations are pretty par for the coast -- er, course -- and finding a fellowship that's also into the "tin can tourism" of another era can be pretty darn satisfying for those fans who regularly roll out with their spiffy Vagabond or Shasta Retro in tow. If you're hitting the road Halloween weekend -- heck, you probably hit it most every weekend, if you have a nice little bed to bunk down in, attached to the back of your car -- then keep Morro Bay in mind on Friday, Oct. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 31. Those are the dates for...

STRANDED IN MORRO BAY: The vintage trailer rally'll see a caboodle of shiny homes-on-wheels come to a stop for a couple of days of hobnobbing, admiring, and soaking in that mid-California mid-autumn sunshine. (If there's anything better they should probably bottle it, if they know how.) Cost for two days, with hook-ups, is $180, or $150 for a dry camp. A wine and tunes to-do on Saturday evening, which is Halloween night, is the social scene for the confab, but the Friday Happy Hour and the breakfasts'll keep things humming, too.

CAN'T MAKE IT... due to holiday obligations, like trick-or-treating or a party or such? There are a number of groups that promote the love of camping by way of the road and a fully restored, fully kitted-out roll-along room on the back. Will most of your meet-ups be in the central region of the state? Again, we're not saying that the Central Coast is the place for vintage trailer sightings, but, then again, we might be insinuating as much. And why shouldn't it be? Rolling hill backdrops, the wide Pacific, small towns and easy scenic drives. We get the appeal.

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