Walnut Creek New: Porcupine ‘Ambassador’

The six-month-old cutie has an official role at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience.

WHILE CATS DO RULE... the internet — there's no disputing something so factual about the catual contingent, so we shan't even try — there is another animal on the rise in people's hearts, thanks to several viral videos. It isn't an critter we'd necessarily think of as a pet, though some animal lovers do live happily with these cuties, and it isn't a beastie that's been described as particularly cuddly in the past, thanks to all of those impressive quills. Well, we just went and tipped our hand there, with that "quills" reveal: It's the porcupine we speak of, a mammal with a famous defense system (which we all knew about) and some of the most chattery vocal squeals ever (which many of us did not know about, prior to seeing videos depicting especially talkative 'pines). Many a human has fallen for the spiny sweeties in recent years, thanks to its on-the-rise internet cachet, but haven't yet seen a porcupine in person. That'll change for visitors to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, an animal-devoted center which just revealed that a six-month-old North American Porcupine is its...

NEWEST ANIMAL AMBASSADOR: "This is the first porcupine at Lindsay in decades and we are the only animal facility in the Bay Area to have a porcupine on exhibit, full-time!" says a center representative. If you want to make a porcupine-like squeal here, please do, and then mark Saturday, Oct. 22 on your calendar. The center, which provides medical services to injured wildlife as well as nature-focused educational programs aplenty, will throw the adorable ambassador a welcome party. You'll get an up-close look, and, just maybe, the chance to pet a porcupine at the "Quill-abration" (awww). The message that the Lindsay Wildlife Experience hopes to spread? That "this amazing creature needs protection." Help support this important cause and get to know one of the internet's biggest, heart-tuggiest, quill-cutest stars.

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