Wave Street Inn: New in Monterey

Doing the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail? There's a fresh stay-over near Cannery Row.

IF YOU WROTE A LOVE LETTER... to the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, and you filled it with all sorts of cooing words and tiny hearts and compliments and accolades, no one would question you. In fact, other users of the trail might ask if you remembered to sign it "love, everyone," because everyone who has cycled down the water-close thoroughfare, or strolled, or waved at an otter, or paused to watch the sunset behind the boats, understands the allure of this 18-mile wonder. So finding a bed-down, rest-up, read-a-book, get-some-shut-eye, rest-the-tootsies stay-over spot that's within sauntering distance of the trail is key to a lot of adventurers, from those who want to unicycle along it (why not?) to the people looking for a languid, lots-of-stops stroll. The Wave Inn just made its debut right after the official start of summer 2017, and it happens to be close to the trail, and, of course...

CANNERY ROW, which is the humming center of restaurants and bars and candy shops and a certain place where sardines and squids hang out (hiya, Monterey Bay Aquarium). If being near both places appeals, take a peek at the 32-room boutiquery, which is helmed by Inns of Monterey Bay. The Wi-Fi? It's gratis, the televisions are mondo (50 inches), and the touches found throughout are inspired by nature, which makes sense, since the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is flowing just a short jump from the property. Is it trail time? You don't have to boogie over all 18 miles, but a few will give you a fine sense of the bay, the good people of Monterey, the visitors, the eateries, the boats, the big skies, the puffy clouds, and, yes, perhaps a barky seal or chillaxing otter or, in the distance, a whale spout or two.

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