White Wolf Idyll

DNC Parks & Resorts/Kenny Karst

WE DO: We really do. We like a season for a hotel or a motel or an inn or a lodge. Granted, we'd like our favorite places to be open all year long, but a specialness is bestowed upon the place that only can welcome visitors a few months out of the year. We say "can" there because that's usually the case; weather and terrain and roads prevent people from staying at their favorite spots (otherwise they would). White Wolf is off Tioga Road about "30 miles from Yosemite Valley," says DNC Parks & Resorts. Meaning it is far enough away from the hubbub to be peaceful but close enough to reach in a short bit of time. And speaking of a short bit of time, White Wolf is due to close for the season in mid-September 2011.

BUT: There are a few spots left for September, says DNC. Meaning if you get on the horn soon, you'll get a bit of that early fall action. Oh we do love a bit of early fall action in the high country. The open dates are Sept. 10 through 17, so if you have some time, and you love your solitude, and your warm days and crisp nights, act act act.

BONUS: Word is wildflowers are a-bloomin' in the area. We know! Late August! Wildflowers aren't just for April anymore. We know that, we do, but. Late August! Right on.

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