Winter Adventuring in the Sequoias

Trek among the sequoias after the sun goes down.

A HUESOME TWOSOME: There are disparate things in this world that cannot be easily compared on the basis of function or purpose. Look at shag throw rugs and avocados, or frying pans and wind chimes, or a cloud and a pillow. But those three pairings, as well as moonlight and snow, fall in the huesome twosome category. They're chromatically similar, or can be, easily, and though they occupy different realms, to the eye they create a pleasing match-up, one that almost feels as if it sprung straight from the paint aisle at the hardware store or a color wheel. And while you can eat an avocado while sitting on a throw rug, or listen to chimes while cooking with a frying pan, you would need to venture out a bit to enjoy moonlight and snow together.

SNOWSHOES AND MOONBEAMS: Both the John Muir Lodge and the Wuksachi Lodge have a stunning, breath-puffy, soul-invigorating solution here, via a Guided Moonlight Snowshoe Package. It's just what it is says it is: You'll strap on a pair of flake-crunchers -- er, snowshoes -- and you'll head into the woods. Those woods, of course, include the grand sequoias, which you probably knew, being tipped off by the names of the lodges. The dates are select, so not every night, and they run from January through April. One glance at the weather will tell you that the snowfall has been remarkable, so you'll get some serious snow-trekkery in. As for what will happen on your after-sundown walk?

YOU'LL HEAD OUT... "through the parks with a naturalist guide, keeping an eye out for tracks, special constellations, and nocturnal animals." Those parks, of course, are Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, so you'll be gazing up, wayyyy up, at both the tree tops and our lunar satellite. As for dates? There are eight dates in all for 2016, with four at Muir and four at Wuksachi; just plan accordingly, wherever you hope to stay. As for warming up after all of that gauzy diaphanous sparkly color, both from the snow and the moon? Plan on sipping a cup of cocoa on the house after your walk wraps. Come to think of it, cocoa and the bark of a sequoia are another huesome twosome, and best enjoyed at different parts during the same evening. Find your evening adventure now.

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