Yosemite Valley's Bike Rental Stand Ready to Roll

Find your two-wheeler beginning on March 30.

BIKING JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE... can add another splendid layer onto the outing, thanks to the exercise you're getting, the breeze ruffling by you, and the fact that you're moving, but it is generally gentle movement, allowing you to take in your surroundings in a very full way. And adding that splendid layer while in an especially splendid spot, a location that rocks some truly celebrated surroundings? And enjoying those ruffling breezes of the most spring-fragrant sort? Consider the outing very, very up'd, as outings go. The scenario we're painting here could happen in quite a number of places, though surely the most splendid of all locations is Yosemite Valley. We don't mean to pit other places against the Big Y for sheer splendid-tude, but when you're home to El Capitan, Half Dome, and a host of gushy spring waterfalls, you kind of rule the school. Or, more aptly in this case, the springtime, which Yosemite easily does. And it is in the spring that that bicycles become available for rent in the hub-bub-iest part of the national park, which makes sense, as many visitors do like to see stuff while on the roll. The date changes up a bit, each year, but the...

2018 RENTALS HAVE OPENED, and you can now find your rentalable wheels at Yosemite Valley Lodge Bike Rental Stand. It opened on Friday, March 30, and will be open through April 1, and then again from April 6 to 8. Beginning on April 13? The regular rent-a-bike season opens at both Yosemite Valley Lodge Bike Rental Stand and Half Dome Village Bike Rental Kiosk. Best check the shuttle stops, and the times, before making your plans to helmet-up and pedal off, and keep in mind that the late March opening is a weekend-only deal for the first two weekends, before the season truly kick(stands) in. Are you ready for the breezes, the exercise, the sunshine, the splendor, the wonders, all viewed while perched upon your bicycle seat? Here's everything you need to know, cyclists, to enjoy your Yosemite spin.

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