Yahoo Eying Google's Top Salesman for CEO: Report

Nikesh Arora was reportedly a candidate once before.

Yahoo's quest to sell part of its business reportedly comes with a quest to find a new CEO.

The struggling Sunnyvalle search company has been searching for a new direction since it gave former CEO Carol Bartz $10.4 million to exit the building.

Now a source is telling Business Insider that Google's chief business officer, Nikesh Arora, is on a "very short list" to become the company's next CEO.

The tech site is calling the report a rumor since no one on the front lines -- namely Yahoo and Google -- will publicly confirm the interest.

"Nothing to report here. Nikesh is still happy at Google," a Google PR rep told Business Insider.

Arora would be an attractive candidate none the less. He is Google's top salesman and he reportedly was mentioned as a possible Yahoo CEO candidate back in April when Bartz was still on the job.

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