Your Cash Is No Good at an Apple Store

Two things to remember when dealing with Apple: don't email the CEO about Flash late at night and don't  try to buy an iPad with cash.

One Bay Area woman living on a fixed income says she saved up $600 to get her hands on Steve Jobs' shiny new tablet only to find out her money wasn't good at the Palo Alto Apple store, according to ABC7 consumer reporter Michael Finney.

It turns out Apple has a policy that it will only accept either a credit card or a debit card for iPad purchases, according to SF Gate. Diane Campbell, the woman in question, had neither.

Campbell says an Apple employee told her the policy is to keep people from buying the iPad and selling them in foreign markets. iPad purchases were initially limited to two per customer, partly because of a late international release date.

But does Apple's anti-cash policy break the law by refusing to accept illegal tender? According to Mr. Finney no because there is no federal statute requiring a private business to accept cash. 

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