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Obama on Measles: "Get Your Kids Vaccinated"



    Obama on the TODAY show

    President Barack Obama said in an exclusive “Today” interview that parents have "every reason" to get their children immunized against measles. "I understand that there are families that in some cases are concerned about the effect of vaccinations,” Obama said to Savannah Guthrie during a live interview Sunday from the White House during NBC’s pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl. “The science is, you know, pretty indisputable. We've looked at this again and again.” Obama also said he hopes the nation celebrates continued economic growth and that the middle class will reap the benefits. "We're now back in a really strong position, and I just want to make sure in two years when we look back we’ll say, not only that we recovered from that crisis, but actually we built the kind of foundation that ensures America does well for generations to come,” Obama said. Click to see more of Obama’s interview with “Today.”

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