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Trump Knocks Jay Z for Foul Language at Clinton Rally

“He used every word in the book last night,” Trump said



    Donald Trump criticized rapper Jay Z at a rally in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday for explicit language in songs he performed at an Ohio rally for Hillary Clinton Friday. 

    Trump, who has faced heavy criticism for his rhetoric during the campaign, admitted he liked Jay Z and Beyonce, but took issue with the expletives in Jay Z's music. 

    “He used every word in the book last night,” Trump said. 

    Jay Z used curses in songs and during interludes, as did rappers Chance the Rapper and Big Sean, at the rally in Cleveland. Beyonce did not curse during her appearance.

    “I’ve never said what he said in my life," Trump said. "It shows you the phoniness of politicians and phoniness of the whole system” 

    Trump spoke at a rally in Florida Saturday morning, the first of several stops as he vowed to press into Democratic strongholds over the campaign's final days he made appearances in North Carolina and Nevada, with another anticipated in Colorado.

    However, his Nevada rally was interrupted by a disturbance that caused security to rush Trump off stage. It was unclear what caused the disturbance or if it would affect his plans for Colorado.

    Unlike Clinton, who had Jay Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jon Bon Jovi campaigning for her Saturday, Trump was largely on his own, he conceded — even as he promised to march into Minnesota, a state that hasn't backed a GOP presidential nominee in more than four decades.

    "Hillary Clinton has all of these celebrities and failed politicians out campaigning for her," a defiant Trump declared in North Carolina, one of four battleground states he was visiting on Saturday. "I just have me, but I have my family."

    Clinton addressed a crowd of supporters in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Saturday afternoon, where she urged people to vote early and to turn up to polls on Election Day. 

    She also mentioned Jay Z and Beyonce's support for her, telling the crowd the couple views the election in terms of how it will affect their daughter's future.  

    Later, she was joined by Perry in Philadelphia. Perry wore a blue cape bearing the phrase "I'm with Madame President" when she walked onstage to join Clinton.