Donald Trump

After Epstein's Suicide, Trump Boosts Conspiracy Theories Flourishing Online

Many people who have spent the last few years blaming the nation's problems on either the Clinton or the Trump administrations found new reasons to pin Epstein's death on their favorite targets

The world of social media — already awash in conspiracy thinking in the Trump era — erupted with new theories Saturday after the news broke that Jeffrey Epstein had died by suicide under mysterious circumstances in his jail cell, NBC News reports.

One of the prime movers was President Donald Trump, who retweeted a post by the conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams suggesting that Epstein was dead because he "had information on Bill Clinton."

"I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this!" wrote Williams, who is a headliner on the Deplorables Comedy Tour, which promises to "unleash the conservative mindset, transcending politics and unabashedly mocking liberals."

"RT if you're not Surprised," Williams wrote.

And the president did, giving a boost to one of many theories that ventured into the realm of outlandish conjecture, amplified by other conservative commentators and at least two other Republican officials.

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