‘I Didn't Consent': Amy Schumer Reveals Rape by Former Boyfriend

Schumer discusses the emotions she felt after she losing her virginity while sleeping to her former boyfriend in an exclusive interview with Oprah

Amy Schumer discussed her encounter with "gray area rape" by an unnamed former boyfriend in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The "I Feel Pretty" star says that she lost her virginity to her boyfriend while she was sleeping and it made her reflect on the lessons she learned in her youth about who rapists truly are. 

"When we hear about rape when we're children and we're being warned about it, it's about a guy popping up from a bush or dragging you into a car, or some villain" Schumer said.

"They don't say it's probably going to be a guy you know really well. It could be your husband, it could be your friend." 

Schumer says she dealt with a number of conflicting emotions after the encounter as she realized that she still loved her boyfriend but struggled to come to grips with what he did.

"When that happens you say this isn't someone I want to see rotting in a jail cell but what he did to me was wrong and I didn't consent," Schumer said.  

Schumer said she continues to challenge to the perception of sexual assault in society using the experience in her stand up routine to help inform others that it is not okay. 

"It was a way of bringing this up in my standup... trying to make people laugh while they learned." Schumer said adding "If she's asleep that's not okay."

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