Android Tablets Could Overtake iPad in Europe

Apple's iPad rivals could dominate the tablet computer market in Europe, provided they cut prices fast, a research firm reported today.

Forrester Research reported that Apple's smaller European presence -- 52 Apple stores compared to 238 U.S. stores -- makes the market a much more balanced one, according to Reuters. The market is also wide open, with few Europeans owning a tablet computer. For instance, in France, only 2 percent of the population own such a device but 10 percent want to purchase one, according to The Next Web. From the Reuters report:

[Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps] said local content and good retail outlets, along with lower prices, were essential to succeed against Apple.

"A competitor to Apple would have to put together the right content, the right price and the right channel strategy. There isn't anyone that has all three," she said.

Apple still expects to sell 48 million units this year, with half sold in America, 30 percent in Europe, 15 percent in Asia and 5 percent in Latin America.

As we were reading this, we also thought, wouldn't this same strategy work in the United States? The HP TouchPad is doing the same thing Forrester is recommending -- cutting prices to compete with Apple. HP is dealing with a much more competitive field in this country and the Cult of Apple is a strong one, but Android and other competitors could learn from a successful European sales strategy.

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