Apple ‘Acqui-Hiring' for iWatch

In an effort to boost innovation, Apple is looking to hire from outside to create its new wearable computer dubbed the iWatch, according to a report.

Wearable computers are becoming mainstream, especially because of Google's Glass, and Apple is supposed to be buying small companies as "acqui-hires," or basically to gather up its innovative engineers to work on the iWatch, the Guardian reported.

Although the device isn't scheduled for launch until 2014, at least one senior member of the team has been lured to stay by a bump in pay. Now it just needs to pad its iWatch team a little more, and it's apparently only looking outside of the company. The reason? 

Apple's own staff have come up against "hard engineering problems that they've not been able to solve" in trying to develop new wearable devices - a field it has not previously worked in.

Apple has done this before with the iPod, which was brought to the company in 200 by outsider Tony Fadell who had already been turned down by Real Networks. His iPod was released in 2001. 
The Guardian also noted that Apple has more than 600 vacancies in its hardware engineering group, which could signify that Apple is having some serious infrastructure problems.
The question is, How does one of the most well-known and profitable companies in Silicon Valley get itself into a situation where it can't build a device because it doesn't have enough skilled workers?
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