Apple Hires Levi's Retail Chief

Apple hired Levi Strauss & Co.'s retail and store operations chief to help helm its own retail operation which has been lacking leadership for the last year.

Enrique Atienza, who was Levi's senior vice president of the retail Americas and global store operations, will be the second-in-command of retail until a new senior vice president of retail is found, according to 9to5 Apple. The last retail chief, John Browett, left the company last October. So far his position hasn't been filled, but has been handled by Steve Cano who directly reports to Apple chief executive Tim Cook. Atienza is expected to start in October and report to Cano.

Apple is actively seeking outside candidates for the retail chief role, but hasn't settled on any one candidate yet.

Atienza's hiring before the busy holiday season makes sense for Apple. We don't think the tech titan wanted to miss another Christmas shopping extravaganza without more people overseeing its retail stores.

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