Apple's New Keyless Keyboard

Apple filed for a parent for a new keyboard without individual keys that could lead to a possible virtual keyboard for its computers.

By using sensors that detect vibration or acoustic pulse, the multitouch screen would be able to tell what the user is attempting to type, according to Patently Apple. The same sensors would be needed to tell the difference between someone attempting to type or accidentally brushing the screen. The keyless keyboard would also have LED lighting to create a grid on the keyboard in low light.

It's difficult to comprehend what a keyless keyboard looks like -- or why anyone would want one, unless they like playing memory games -- but it is a step towards virtual keyboards. Business Insider points out that filing for the patent doesn't necessarily mean it will come to fruition or ever be a part of Apple's machines.

We would like to think that it would become part of Apple's array of products, but not until we can type in the air, "Johnny Mnemonic"-style on a holographic keyboard. 

Johnny Mnemonic (Theatrical Trailer) by NakedBrotha2007

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