Creative But Cruel: New App Sends Breakup Texts

"It's not you, it's the bear that's eaten me": Sometimes breaking up is just too hard to do in person

Breaking up is hard to do, but sending a text? That's another story.

Ending a relationship is no easy feat — even celebrities haven't yet mastered the etiquette. When a face-to-face conversation seems too much to bear, a new app lets you turn to your phone and let a few touch screen taps take care of your breakup burden.

The iPhone app Breakup Text asks users a series of simple questions about the relationship and generates a fitting breakup text, according to Laughing Squid.

Its creators, Jake Levine and Lauren Leto, initially launched the Breakup Text concept through a website that prompts visitors to fill in blanks with their significant other's name and phone number, plus a reason for needing to call it quits. Then the site, like the app, creates and sends the message.

Neither of the formats take itself too seriously, though, allowing users to select "I've been eaten by a bear" as a reason for breakup. (What? It could happen.)

Click through the gallery to see some of the text messages the app, $0.99 on iTunes, can produce.

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