Young Woman May Have Been Dead in Car for Weeks

The body of a young woman reported missing three months ago was found inside a car that had been parked outside a busy Northern California store for weeks, investigators said.

NBC affiliate KSBW reports that 22-year-old Lauren Jessie Moss was found dead inside her car in a Wal-Mart store in Salinas last week.

Moss was last seen alive in Seaside on Nov. 13, the same day she left a rehab center. Wal-Mart employees found her body Feb. 3, according to KSBW.

Her car had dark-tinted windows and a sunshade over the dashboard, making it hard to spot anyone inside, according to police. Wal-Mart's security cameras only went back to December, and footage shows the car in the same parking spot at that time.

Although a coroner has not confirmed her cause of death, Salinas police said Moss likely died by suicide.

A Wal-Mart spokesman said the store does not have personnel patrolling overnight, but does have 24-hour surveillance cameras.

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