Eddie Murphy's “A Thousand Words” Trailer Ends Two-Year Wait

With "Tower Heist" doing reasonably well at the box office, Eddie Murphy is enjoying his first non-"Shrek" hit since "Norbit," so it's good a time as any to finally unleash the long-finished "A Thousand Words." We're not convinced it will prove to have been worth the wait.

"A Thousand Words," which was finished about two year sago, stars Murphy as a inveterate liar who one day finds himself under a curse that will allow him to speak only 1,000 more words. If the set-up seems familiar, watch the trailer and remember how much you loved this when it was called "Liar, Liar."

"Words" was directed by Brain Robbins, the man behind "Meet Dave," and written by Steve Koren, the man responsible for "Jack & Jill"--you've been warned. It opens March 23, 2012.

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