Facebook Killer's Ex-Girlfriend Was Stunned to See Video

Steve Stephens was tracked down in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, after killing a 74-year-old man at random

When Steve Stephens shot and killed an elderly man at random in Cleveland Sunday, he blamed his ex-girlfriend, who now tells NBC News she was stunned and devastated as she watched the man she'd loved boast on Facebook of targeting people because of her.

The woman, whom NBC News isn't naming because police haven't released her identity, said in an extensive interview that she and Stephens had recently been looking for wedding rings. But he suddenly called her on Saturday to tell her to "throw away his stuff" because the relationship was over.

A day later, he killed Robert Godwin, 74, and posted video of the attack to Facebook. Stephens was tracked down in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, and he killed himself as state police pursued him.

The ex-girlfriend, a 42-year-old social worker, said "my mouth fell open" as she watched her Stephens stream live video from in front of her workplace Sunday, saying "this is where [she] works" and outlined his plans.

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