Facebook Looks to Expand in Seattle

Sources in Seattle's real estate market say that Facebook is looking for 40,000 square feet in downtown Seattle, enough space to fit 200 workers.

That could mean that Facebook is looking to expand its 40-person Seattle office, Geekwire reported. While Facebook declined to comment on the report, sources were adamant about the social network looking for office space. Facebook expanded into Seattle last year.

Silicon Valley tech giants like the Pacific Northwest. Google has a 1,000-person office in Seattle suburb Kirkland, Wash., and Zynga is leasing 7,000 square feet in Seattle's Pioneer Square.

Facebook has said that Seattle offers "stellar engineers," and compared to Silicon Valley, they might be a little cheaper. Although Facebook declined to comment on the speculation, it's likely the company will expand. The only question is will it expand by hiring or by moving people from Palo Alto?

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