Status Update: Facebook To Show Us What's Next

New phone? Search? Building?

You know Facebook is hot when it announces an event, and the web explodes with speculation usually reserved for guessing about Apple's future.

The Menlo Park social giant promises news Tuesday morning; something about what it's "building."

What could it be? Lots of talk about a Facebook phone - not sure why, though, because not only has CEO Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly poo-pooed such a thing, but really, how would this help Facebook?

More likely, perhaps, it's a new piece of software to show off - maybe a revamped search tool, to compete with the likes of Google and Twitter.

Also possible is a closer look at the company's planned expansion. A new office building to hold lots of new Facebookers. It's close to the current HQ, and promises to look cool.

Anything is possible at this point - Facebook once held an event to show off a new server. The company has been on a feel-good tear lately, getting back into Wall Street's good graces with a steadily rising stock price (FB), and talking about how it's cracked the code for making money in mobile.

All good things. Which has us wondering: Where do they go from here?

We'll soon find out.

Scott will be at Facebook HQ for the news. You can follow his updates on Twitter: @scottbudman

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