Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Battle Google

Engineers at Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have banded together to create "Focus on the User," a free browser add-on that will use Google's algorithm to avoid Google's "Search Plus Your World."

Google started embedding its Google+ results into its search (to create a more "personalized" search) two weeks ago, but the new search results seemed to exclude other social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

The new browser add-on, called a "bookmarklet" would enable search browsers to bypass the new Google search altogether and bring back results from other social networks. The add-on, available at Focusontheuser.org, gives users a walk-through on how to download the the more "relevant Google."

Twitter has been public about its disapproval of the new Google+ integrated search, but Facebook had been consistently mum on the Google search change. But now, Facebook's product director Blake Ross, who helped develop Mozilla's Firefox Web browser, has been outed as the developer by John Battelle, proving that Facebook likely has a dog in this fight.

Expect more skirmishes to follow as the social media war begins heating up.

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