Facebook's Graph Search Could Help Google

Facebook may be giving something Google very precious, another search engine and competitor to save the search titan from antitrust lawsuits,

While some said that Facebook was inching into Google's search territory with its Graph Search feature, Facebook may actually be helping Google dodge several lawsuits.
Google just settled an antitrust violation with the Federal Trade Commission and is now facing several antitrust decisions in Europe, so a new and widely-used search engine will increase competition for Google and could quell any antitrust claims, according to AllThingsD.
Although Google still has the lion's share (70 percent) of search in the United States, in Europe, the number is 90 percent. Facebook, however, is global and has 1 billion users.
“Facebook’s entry into the search market with a dynamic new product is clear evidence that the search market is competitive,” Daniel O’Connor, director of public policy and government affairs at the Computer & Communications Industry Association, told AllThingsD. “Facebook is a large, savvy company that clearly thinks that they can cut into Google’s search market share.”
So, while Facebook could likely take some market share from Google in the United States, it's much more imperative that Facebook's search catches on in Europe to spare Google a number of antitrust lawsuits and fines.
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