Google+ Users: Four Days to Get Real

Google+ is giving users a four-day grace period to adhere to its real names policy or it suspends their accounts.

Saurabh Sharma, a product manager for Google+, wrote a post stating that Google+ should be like "connecting with people in the real world," so users should only use the name "they go by in the real world." About the four-day grace period:

During this period, you can continue to use Google+ as usual. We're hoping that most affected users will be able to quickly fix their profile name while continuing to enjoy all that Google+ has to offer.

If not, the account will be suspended.

Some bloggers disliked the new policy, although it's been in the works for the last month -- mainly because Google+ wants to attract celebrities with Twitter-like verified accounts. Why would Lady Gaga want to be part of a social network where someone can pretend to be her?

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