Google's Blockly Teaches You to Create Apps

It doesn't look like computer programming, but more of a giant interactive puzzle with colorful pieces that interlock.

Google's Blockly is a completely visual programming language that allows someone to code without typing a character, according to Wired. The concept isn't a new one -- apparently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology creating a similar offering called Scratch aimed at youngsters.

Google's Neil Fraser says that Blockly is designed to replace the “blocks editor” previously used by App Inventor and that it's not intended for just children. “Blockly is designed to be embeddable into any program or website which wants to enable novice programmers to write scripts,” Fraser told Wired.

“One of the goals for Blockly is to generate readable code — whether it be JavaScript, Dart, Python, or some other language — which the user can continue working with once they out-grow the blocks editor. We want users to be able to take their data and leave, whenever they want.”

With applications becoming more popular and demand rising, it makes sense to have as many people able to code as possible. Although Blockly isn't coding directly, it does teach its users a little about coding and logic -- helping them to eventually become better programmers and developers. And Google likely wants those new apps on Google Play.

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