iPhone App Gets You Paid for Your Photos

Even Annie Liebovitz thinks the best everyday camera around is on the iPhone. All those gorgeous pics you're snapping may get you cred on Facebook, but they aren't making you any money.

Until now.

Download the free app called Foap, take and tag your pictures and upload them. Then Foap will approve them (hopefully) and put them in a public marketplace, viewable through the same app. So if you take a picture of a palm tree that a palm tree nursery really likes, they can buy the rights to your image for $10. Foap keeps $5 of that.

Credits can be purchased, too, that will lower the overall price for buyers.

Started by some travel industry veterans, the goal is to increase the quality -- and distribution -- of stock photography, for less than it usually costs, according to GigaOm.

Photos can be sold multiple times, too, so scoring more than $5 is totally possible. Users should have a PayPal account to collect their hard-earned dough, too.

And as much as we like Instagram and the insta-hip filtering available, shooters will want to keep their photos as real as possible, allowing for the purchaser to do any Photoshop work they may want to do.

One last tip from their site: add more tags to allow for easily surfaced images.

Foap has $250,000 in angle funding, along with a grant from the Swedish government. The app is iOS only for now, with Android coming soon.

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