Mark Zuckerberg Texting-While-Driving Photo Gives Startup Jelly a Bump

Not much is known about Jelly, a photo-sharing app that engages friends as a crowd-sourced search engine, except that it launched this week and has given us a photo of what looks like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg texting while driving.

Created by Biz Stone (yes, the one that also created Twitter) and Ben Finkel, the app has been a bit mysterious, according to the New York Times, but not anymore. The photo by Jelly user @bensign, also known as Ben Schaechter, a mobile product manager at Yahoo, was shared with the message, "Mark Zuckerberg texting and driving. How do you respond?"

The photo has been gaining all sorts of visibility for both the app and Zuckerberg's less-than-optimal driving habits. After all, texting or reading texts/email/messages while driving in California is illegal and users are subject to a fine. (The Daily Mail was particularly interested in Zuckerberg, who is worth $20 billion, drives a $40,000 Volkswagen GTI.)

The photo likely gives a boost to Jelly, and also satisfies that need for schadenfreude we seem to have in our society.

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