Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld Get Heated Over “Curb”

Jerry Seinfeld got more than he bargained for when he joined a celebrity panel to discuss "Curb Your Enthusiasm," crossing verbal swords with his tempermental old pal and show creator Larry David.

David was watching the filming in the wings and wasn't happy with Seinfeld's critique of David's onscreen behavior. He let Seinfeld know it.

"It got heated," Susie Essman tells PopcornBiz. "Not heated angry, but heated disagreeing."

Seinfeld even conceded a few argument points, which David seemed to ignore.

"At one point Larry was arguing with us and we were agreeing with him, but he kept arguing," says Essman.

David explained in a conference call that he and Seinfeld argued about the famous "doll's head" episode in season two. "Jerry said I should have put the doll's head in my pocket instead of my crotch," says David. "I said it was too big to fit in my pocket. It got pretty heated."

"It ended the way our discussions usually end, with each of waving dismissively at each other."

The heated "Curb" discussions will become a regular event starting Wednesday nights on the TV Guide Network. The network will begin airing every "Curb" episode with a celebrity panel discussing the moral implications of each show, moderated by show regular Susie Essman.

Essman tells us that David often watches the panel discussions, but the guests are not afraid of his presence. "There are a lot of people who feel very free to talk about what a narcissist Larry's character is with Larry sitting there," says Essman. "I think he enjoys it."

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