Madonna's “W.E.” Trailer Arrives in All Its Lo-Fi Glory

UPDATE: We've removed the trailer by request

Madonna's latest directorial effort, "W.E.", has delivered a trailer that's rather pretty, a wee melodramatic and frustratingly lo-res. Take a look...

The film stars Abbie Cornish as a modern-day woman in a failing marriage who is having an affair with a Russian security guard, played by her "Sucker Punch" co-star Oscar Isaac. Fueling her quest for true romance is an obsession with the story of King George VIII and his abdication of the English throne to be with Wallis Simpson, an American, and worse yet, a divorcee. The film flips back and forth between the two romances.

Can we talk briefly about why studios even bother with such lousy looking trailers? Not artistically lousy, but just flat out technologically. Not only is this trailer nowhere near crisp enough, the entire lower third goes all pixelated for a moment--is this how you sell a movie?

"W.E.", which got a little beaten up upon its premiere, opens Dec. 9, presumably in HD.

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