Man Trying to Sell Son on Facebook

He's only asking $20 million.

Not a year goes by that someone doesn't try to do something completely absurd on Facebook. Usually it's a dumb crook bragging about his crime, or someone posting their plans to beat up an ex's new significant other.

Now joining the ranks of the "what are you thinking?!" crowd is a Saudi Arabian man who is attempting to sell his own son on Facebook for 73 million UAE Dirhams, or around $20 million US.

According to VentureBeat, Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry, claims he must sell is child to avoid living in poverty after his illegal debt-collection business was shut down by local authorities.

Al Shahry is only asking to know the city of the buyer, in addition to the $20 mill.

Saudi Arabia is classified as a Tier 3 country by the U.S. which means it does not comply with minimum international standards when it comes to human trafficking.

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