Mariah Carey Looking to Be the Next Paula on “American Idol”

While the game of musical chairs game continues over the "American Idol" judging panel, enter a new name -- Mariah Carey.

Her husband Nick Cannon insists the pop-star is a huge fan of the show and wants to be a judge.

"She talks about it. She says, 'I would love to do that,' " Cannon tells The Hollywood Reporter. "She is one of the greatest singers of our time; she would be great."

Even beyond the obvious industry-knowledge and star power that Carey would bring to the spot -- it actually makes sense strictly  on the loopy level. There's been a big loopy hole on the show since Paula Abdul left her seat.

As much as wacky Paula made you want to scream at the television, you had to watch it because she was just this crazed wild-card that could do or say anything. Not to mention her constantly sugary performance reviews were beloved across America.

When Paula left, the problems really started. And it was more than just audience slipping away.

Carey could bring loopy back.

Cannon says he's not sure if Mariah has the time in her schedule, or if "Idol" would even go for it. But he was all for starting "the campaign."

For the sake of the loony diva, we're on board. It's simply been too long.

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