Zuckerberg Friends Japanese Prime Minister

Facebook wunderkind (and CEO) Mark Zuckerberg is still in Asia and the next stop on his tour was Japan, where the Facebook founder met with Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda.

Zuckerberg said that Japan's tsunami helped him understand that Facebook could be a help to people in natural disasters by keeping them in touch with the world and providing them with important updates, according to the Associated Press. Facebook users in Japan have more than doubled in the last six months to 13.5 million, Zuckerberg told the Japanese press.

Although the two briefly discussed the topic of Facebook and the tsunami, the meeting seemed to be a superficial press conference with little detail shared. Instead, Noda said he "felt odd" meeting the young entrepreneur after seeing the film, 'The Social Network.'"

Perhaps Noda was, like many in the audience, surprised to learn of some of Zuckerberg's legal problems and unfairness to friend and partner, Eduardo Saverin.

Laughing, Zuckerberg said the Hollywood portrayal of him wasn't completely on target. "Very different," he said.

Facebook is trying to make inroads into Japan, a very lucrative market that hasn't quite been cracked because of Japanese mores (many Japanese want to stay anonymous for fear of societal disapproval or stigma.)  
Zuckerberg bringing in the humanitarian aspect of Facebook's use during the tsunami was a bit self-serving, but it did the trick -- reminding the Japanese public that Facebook exists and its open system can be beneficial even to a society that values anonymity.
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