Try Our Sheets, Company Tells Naked Sleepers

Costa Mesa based Anna's Linens offers tidbits about sleeping – and suggests sheets for those who snooze in the nude

Sleeping naked on a cold winter’s night apparently doesn’t seem too appealing to many people, but a good 8 percent of the population wouldn’t have it any other way, according to a recent survey by a company that sells items meant to keep people warm at night.

The rest of us don pajamas or other clothing before we hit the sheets, according to a survey of sleeping habits by Anna’s Linens, the Costa Mesa discount home furnishings retailer.

Clothed or unclothed, about three-quarters of Americans prefer to sleep on our sides, the company said. Just under half – about 47 percent – sleep with someone who snores.

The company interviewed about 3,700 people nationwide for the survey, which is said was in honor of National Sleep Day on Jan. 3. (Although the naked truth about that seems to be that there is little record of such a day being set aside by Congress or anybody else.)

Among the survey’s other findings: Most people say they get a restful night’s sleep just three nights per week. The worst night, apparently, is Sunday, followed closely by Monday.

And then there’s dreaming: just 10 percent of those surveyed said they remember nearly all of their dreams. About 70 percent complained that their friends’ dreams were more interesting.

As for the naked sleepers, the company immediately seized an opening, offering to sell them soft cotton sheets.

"They feel great against the skin," company president Alan Gladstone said.

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