Saudi Man Buys Golden Manhood Stretcher

It cost $50,000, but we don't want to know if it works

A Saudi Arabian business man has purchased what some are calling the "Rolex" of penis stretchers.

The unidentified man who is only known to live in Jeddah, custom ordered a solid 18 carat gold penis enlarger, valued at over $50,000, from Canadian male enhancement company,  X4 Labs, report AFP.

The company is calling the purchase record breaking, labeling it the most expensive male enhancement tool in history.

"It's an unusual request," co-owner of  X4 Labs, Rick Oh told AFP. "We didn't take it seriously at first, but once he sent us a deposit, we had to agree to it."

The custom made extender, which normally retails between $200 and $400, ballooned in value after the man requested the device have a solid gold base and be encrusted with over 40 full cut diamonds and several rubies. Oh admitted it was tough to keep a straight face while working on the design.

"Obviously, there were giggles initially when we presented out project to a jeweler and asked him for help," said Oh.

While lavish, Oh explains the lofty purchase was made more out of necessity than novelty.

"We were approached by the customer who insisted on a solid gold version of our product because he claimed to have a severe skin allergy to stainless steel," said Oh.

While Saudi law bans the import of adult sex toys, X4 Labs claims the device is medically certified and registered by the FDA.

The expensive enlarging "medical" device will arrive in style, delivered by an armored car to ensure its safe arrival in October.

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