Who Controls Ukraine Opposition? Clashes Stoke Fear of Radicalism

After Ukrainian leaders' touted truce collapsed Thursday amid ever-bloodier battles between protestors and police armed with combat weapons, the question of just who is in charge of the country's sizable opposition movement is growing increasingly murky. There are new fears that right-wing militants may be trying to hijack Ukraine's grassroots, pro-Europe campaign against President Viktor Yanukovych's government. And as for the armed front-line demonstrators NBC News' RIchard Engel reports charged forward? "They are radicalized elements," one expert said. "The parties are not controlling the front-line activists. No one is controlling them." There are three main camps in the official opposition — ranging from right-leaning nationalists to the party now-jailed Orange Revolution veteran Yulia Tymoshenko — but beyond it, the movement in the streets is a diverse one with no real leader.

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