Zoe Saldana Rushes to Crash Victim's Rescue

The "Avatar" star lent a hand to the elderly victim of a car accident she witnessed

Actress. Dancer. Do-gooder.

When Zoe Saldana witnessed a car accident near Los Angeles on Wednesday, she didn't wait for the cops or EMTs to come to the scene, TMZ reported.

The "Colombiana" star hurried to the aid of an elderly woman who was banged up in the crash — pulling over, helping the woman out of her car and calling 911, since the woman's face was bloodied.

Saldana then stuck around to retrieve the woman's belongings from her car and to keep her company until an ambulance arrived, according to Us Weekly.

The 33-year-old actress has made headlines most recently for her new relationship with her "The Words" co-star Bradley Cooper. She had split from fiancé Keith Britton back in November after 11 years together.

Looks like Cooper has found himself a keeper.

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