New IPhones May Have Voice Recognition

Forget passwords and thumbprints -- the iPhone will now use your voice print as security.

Apple has filed for a patent for voice-recognition or a "voice print" for its future iPhones, according to AppleInsider, but it's unknown if the latest iPhone will use the latest technology. It works by identifying a user's voice and past habits and the iPhone can bypass much of the voice commands usually necessary for a mobile device. From the story:

In a more detailed example, a lengthy command is cited as a possibility: "Find my most played song with a 4-star rating and create a Genius playlist using it as a seed." Also included is natural language voice input, with the command: "Pick a good song to add to a party mix."

If mobile phones interpreting casual voice commands sounds familiar, it's because that's basically what  startup Siri did -- and why Apple bought it last year. Now its "virtual assistant" and voice-recognition technology is baked into the iPhone.

Voice-recognition software helps when users need a hands-free way to communicate, especially while driving, but relying on voice means that they will have to be more circumspect. A slip of the tongue, or accidentally mixing up names, could have embarrassing consequences -- especially if setting up a date with girlfriend Julie Ann, only to have your phone send information for a romantic evening to your boss, Julian.

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