New: Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

Join a gaggle of vehicles from Carsoli as they put on a lively dance number.

Disneyland Resort

THE COUSINS FROM CARSOLI: When Luigi's Flying Tires, an attraction located in Disney California Adventure's Cars Land, shuttered in early 2015 for some Imagineering-style reinventing, many a fan hoped that Luigi would remain a central figure, given the charming character's popularity in the "Cars" films. Casa della Tires, Luigi's corner shop, remained in the land, so that alone was great news for fans. "Cars" buffs also began to anticipate the upcoming experience, a music-nice attraction involving dancing cars. We feel as though that should be typed again -- dancing cars -- because the idea is as quirky as a vehicle with eleven headlights. What was heading for the space wasn't dance music played inside of cars, something we're all more familiar with, but rather cars that would sway and swing, in choreographed unison, to a song played over the speakers. The day has arrived to see what such a delightful thing might look like, or nearly arrived, we should say: Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters debuts in Cars Land on Monday, March 7. And the stars of the asphalt -- er, dance floor -- besides those guests queuing up to ride? Luigi's wheel-laden cousins from Carsoli.

THERE IS NO STEERING REQUIRED... as riders step into the cars and proceed to be taken around the "floor" in a lively gambol that's totally gas-free. Well, it's a gas in the other sense of the word, we should clarify, for there you are, sitting in a dancing car, spinning about in much the way you would if you yourself were moving to music. The Disney blog says "every ride is unpredictable," which means you might ride three or four times in a day and never participate in the same dance twice (plus you could very well be in a different car, lending the experience a fender-fresh newness). Ready to have a peek at what's frolicking in Cars Land as of March 7? Follow the music this way...

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