Palm Springs Fetes the Sinatra Centennial

The icon loved the desert city, and the city pays homage to his musical legacy.

Sinatra Centennial

IT ISN'T TOO OFTEN... that a performer becomes entwined with a place, but, when it happens, both the artist and the location seem to boast a legendary quality. Look to Elvis Presley and Memphis and Wayne Newton and Las Vegas, and look to Mr. Frank Sinatra, a man who had bonds with cities in the east, and then, later on, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. The desert resort still has a lot of that Ol' Blue Eyes cachet, thanks in large part to its historically cool mid-century vibe, the vibe that ruled when Mr. Sinatra himself called the town home. And speaking of homes, the singer's abode is still there, and occasionally open for tours, making the stately and sophisticated Twin Palms Estate a must-visit for any aficionado of the Chairman of the Board. But what if you're making for the famed Playground to the Stars during the month of December, which happens to be the birth month of Frank Sinatra? And it happens to be December of 2015, so you'll be there right when fans are marking the 100th year of the performer's birth? There are a number of celebrations afoot, so don your fedora, slide it over one eye, sling your jacket over one shoulder, and stroll in the direction of...

THE DOLLY SINATRA LODGE: The Order Sons of Italy in America gave their meeting house a moniker any fan'll know, that of Mr. Sinatra's mom Dolly. You can bet there'll be a bash there, just days ahead of Dec. 12, Mr. Sinatra's birthday proper. Pen Dec. 9 on your calendar, and make a date to savor "the food, song, and dance." The parties around town continue, with a Purple Room party on Thursday, Dec. 10 (AJ Lambert, Nancy Sinatra's daughter, will sing) and celebrations at Spencer's and the Colony Palms Hotel on the night of Saturday, Dec. 12. Lady Blue Eyes shall Sinatra-up Spencer's (Mr. Sinatra is described as being a "loyal patron" of the spot) and the Colony Palms will offer a Sinatra-themed birthday cocktail, in addition to other festive-making touches. Looking to honor the legacy in the location the singer once lived and played? Palm Springs is set to do it up with some crooning, some cocktailing, and lots of conviviality.

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