Republicans Put The Squeeze On Brown


Republicans in the legislature are putting new heat on Gov. Jerry Brown to reject a controversial measure that would move voting on initiatives from the June primary to the November ballot only.

In unusually blunt language, Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway (R-Tulare) warned Brown in a letter, obtained by Prop Zero, that future negotiations on his proposals are at stake.

Calling the ballot shift a "raw political move", Conway said further, "If you seek to restore any modicum of trust in the political process and improve the overall political climate in Sacramento, we urge you to veto Senate Bill 202."

The bill was hatched in the closing hours of the legislative session. 

Backed by labor unions, it would move all future initiatives to the November ballot.  Unions are concerned about a pending measure that would limit their ability to collect membership dues for political campaigns.  Voting in November, when turnout is greater, would benefit labor's efforts to defeat the measure.

Democrats who crafted the bill say it makes sense to put a measure on the ballot when the most voters plan to turn out.

But Conway said the measure only heightens partisan warfare and distrust at the Capitol.  In her letter to the governor, she issued a veiled warning about the prospects for any future GOP support for Brown's proposals.

"At a time when partisanship is at an all-time high in Sacramento, it is essential that we  preserve what remaining trust remains between lawmakers." Conway wrote.

It could be argued that there's very little trust left to lose.  Brown is angry with Republicans for failing to support his recent jobs package and his efforts to put a tax vote on the ballot.

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