Send Money Through Gmail

If you owe someone a few hundred dollars, why not send it to them over Gmail? Now that Google has integrated Google Wallet with the web mail system, it's now entirely possible to give and receive cash.

Users can hover over the attachment link until it offers the $ icon, which means you can now attach a dollar amount you want to send, according to Travis Green, a product manager for Google Wallet. For those worried about scams and fraud, apparently Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers you 100 percent -- provided you report it within six months and it doesn't cover Google Play, Google Drive or YouTube. The new payments via Gmail will be rolled out in the next few months.

Of course, sending money via email isn't free. Google Wallet charges a 2.9 percent fee, with a minimum 30 cents, to send money from a credit or debit card. There's also a $10,000 a day transaction limit, but Google says this could change. Users also must be 18 years old.

It's certainly a convenient way to pay someone, especially someone who doesn't have a payment system in place, but with an almost 3 percent fee we feel that it may be worth a trip to visit your friend to give him or her $200 in cash rather than pay $6 to send it via Gmail.

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