Google's Sergey Brin: Steve Yegge Not Fired, But He's a Windbag

Google engineer Steve Yegge, who wrote an epic internal memo that he accidentally made public on Google+, will still have a job, Google cofounder Sergey Brin said.

Brin brushed off the controversy and said he didn't read Yegge's entire 3,700-word diatribe, where Yegge called Google+ "a pathetic afterthought," because Brin thought it was too long. "Sometimes I use it as a night-time aid," Brin joked to the Associated Press.

Despite airing Google's dirty laundry in public, Yegge meant for the memo to be an employees-only e-mail, so the company won't fire him.

Brin, who only spends one day a week in Google's Mountain View headquarters, is heading up "infrastructure and research and development projects"  according to the Associated Press. One of those projects was driverless cars, but Brin was cagey about future endeavors, saying, "Stay tuned."

When Brin took a backseat role to cofounder Larry Page, who is now the company's chief executive, Brin seems to prefer life not in the limelight. He downplays controversy, says nothing shocking and hopes to leave the room almost the same as he left it. But is that the role you expected for one of the founders of the biggest tech company in the world? We don't think so, either.

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