Steve Jobs-Designed Super Yacht Unveiled

Despite Apple's reputation for higher-than-average prices and attention to fit and finish, the late Steve Jobs, a billionaire, was known for avoiding any outward trappings of wealth. But toward the end of this life he reportedly indulged in one guilty pleasure, a massive super yacht, which just made its public debut in Europe.

Even Jobs' home in Palo Alto, Calif., was famously understated, quietly blending into the neighborhood of non-billionaires. But the Apple co-founder's sea vehicle is another matter entirely. The white, blocky yacht was photographed in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer, and it offers the same minimalist clean white lines of the very first iPod. Much like the new Apple UFO-style campus currently underway, the yacht is surrounded by large glass panels, fronted by Star Trek-style sliding doors, and features a large array of seven 27-inch iMacs displaying nautical data.

Designed over several years by Jobs, in concert with Philippe Starck, the yacht is said to be between 70 to 80 meters long. You can take a closer look at the yacht in video below.


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