‘Wal-Mart Moms' Say Candidate With Most Votes Should Be Nominee

The women said they would feel "cheated" if Donald Trump did not become the GOP nominee

A group of nine Republican “Wal-Mart moms” said they would feel "cheated" and that the system is “corrupt” if Donald Trump did not become the Republican presidential nominee if he won the most delegates, NBC News reported. 

These voters say they would use the words “misled,” “cheated” and “rigged” if the candidate with the most votes did not win the nomination. The women all shopped at Wal-Mart in the last month and have at least one child under 18 living at home. 

A similar focus group was also conducted in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Sentiments about fairness in the GOP primary were largely shared, even among the Democratic voters. 

For both groups, the race has become Clinton versus Trump, despite the continuing primary battle. 

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