Wearable Tech for Your Baby

A new device to place on babies help parents monitor their baby's heart rate and sleeping patterns. Think of it as a Fitbit for babies.

Sproutling has created a prototype wearable device for babies that will report heart rates, sleep patterns and moods to an iPhone, according to BGR. The gadget reports the findings to parents who would have to place the wearable device, a strap on the ankle, on their baby

The Sproutling Baby Monitor was developed by former Apple and Google employees and, according to the video, seems aimed at hipsters who apparently want to spend the least amount of time with their baby. 

"As parents ourselves, we wanted something that could tell us how our baby was doing when they weren’t moving or making noise and when we were unable to pay full attention, like when showering or sleeping," Sproutling co-founder Chris Bruce said in a statement. "We created the Sproutling Baby Monitor to be smarter and help parents be more effective–and we really hope our product will instill confidence in parents so they can grow happy families.”

Bruce and his team is looking to raise $50,000 and currently has 35 percent of their first shipment "pre-ordered," according to Sproutling's site. The $249 gadget should be shipped in early 2015. 

So do babies need wearable gadgets? Probably not, but if you want one for yourself, you will likely buy them for the entire family. So where's the device for the family dog or cat? 

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